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Ron Paul: The Underdog

Written By: JohnPeterson - Mar• 06•12
Ron Paul: The Underdog

Ron Paul © by Gage Skidmore

The Kansas Republican caucus is all set for Saturday, March 10, 2012. All Republican presidential candidates are busy with all the preparations for the coming BIG EVENT! The Kansas republican electorate is eagerly waiting to find out how each of the candidates – Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul, will fare at the end of the caucus.

For Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum, it’s expected to be a close fight. Gingrich will not give either Romney and Santorum an easy win! This three-tier tight battle on the nomination will surely keep the Kansas Republican electorate up on their toes.

But what about Ron Paul? Ron who? He’s another moderate GOP presidential nominee trying to give Romney, Santorum and Gingrich a run for their money. Or so we hope. Those who take usually find that muscles begin to relax and sometimes they get drowsy, although this is not the case for everyone who takes it. A few patients have reported weight gain as a side effect of include dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth, changes in appetite, and sleep problems. alprazolam no prescription overnight delivery . purchase effexor online . cost effectiveness of sibutramine in the treatment of obesity . ambien cr price comparison buy ambien online. adipex online pharmacy diet pills adipex for sale. buy alprazolam online legally buy xanax no prescription. buy valium online without prescription uk buy valium without prescription. order carisoprodol without prescription soma online pharmacy. buy phentermine 37.5 cheap online buy phentermine online no prescription. modafinil pharmacy canada buy provigil online no prescription. can you buy reductil over the counter in australia buy meridia no prescription. buy cheap clonazepam no prescription buy klonopin no prescription. ativan pharmacy buy ativan without prescription.

Ron Paul is scheduled to speak at the Lied Center on Friday, a night before the much-awaited Kansas caucus after the Super Tuesday’s ten-states primaries, where he hopes to somehow get the Republican voters have a change of heart after listening to him talk about his idea of programs, agenda, priorities, etc. if he gets elected to the highest office in the country.

David Conway, president of the KU Youth for Ron chapter, believes that campaign sorties or rallies like this usually ends up with a lot of attendees changing their hearts and minds over their preferred candidate. Ron Paul’s campaign team hopes to get more votes from this rally and another one happening at the Tea Party Convention in Wichita on the same day just before the event at Lied Center.

It is in rallies like this where voters get to hear what these candidates will promise for them to get chosen as the final presidential bet. For Ron Paul, who’s hardly heard of, media events like these will get him some attention he so badly needs if he wants to remain in the race. It is important for Ron Paul to give an impressive speech in both events so he could sway rival’s voters to his camp.

Although, it looks like most of the Republican voters have yet to see Ron  Paul’s value in this presidential race, there are some who have analysed each and every candidate and their platforms and arrived at the conclusion that Ron Paul will actually be a better choice than Romney, Santorum and Gingrich.

This is what they said :

For Ron Paul, the healthcare system is something that is close to his heart and mind as he has intimate knowledge on this, having his own OB-gyne practice.

He is anti-abortion and honors life as his profession dictated. For him, abortion is a matter that should be handled by the states and not the federal government. He delivers babies so how could he agree to abortion?

He had implemented a “sliding scale payment plan” for patients with difficulty in their finances.

His constitutionalist background allowed him to know the ins and outs of the constitution which is vital in the presidency.

Lacking in some candidates, honesty is something he is proud to have. People who knew him will attest to this.

The Kansas Republican electorate should see these qualities of Ron Paul so they can help choose  the right candidate for the November 2012 Presidential election.

The Kansas Caucus : Who will win?

Written By: JohnPeterson - Mar• 06•12

The Kansas Caucus : Who will win?On Saturday, March 10, the State of Kansas will be holding another important political event, one that will determine who Kansas Republican electorate has chosen to give President Obama a good fight in November’s presidential election.

For most Republicans, whether moderate or conservative, the primary objective is to choose the best candidate not to oppose rival Republican nominees but someone who can actually give the incumbent president a walk out of the White House.

While the 4 front runners – Romney, Santorum, Gingrich and Paul, the Republican voters are faced with the difficult task of selecting the right nominee to represent the Republican Party in November. As these four candidates and contenders are all equally qualified, politically and otherwise to run for the presidency, there must be a stand out quality or skill or character or trait which will make one candidate different from the other.

Romney enjoys the best media mileage, thanks to his well-funded campaign back-up. His unpredictable showing in primaries and caucuses, however, is quite indicative of the voter’s hesitation with this candidate. The voters cannot seem to reconcile Romney’s competence and his frequent shifts on stand on very big issues. With this kind of behavior from a candidate, the voters get confused as to the principles the candidate is upholding, or not. And there are other campaign errors which were seen as Romney’s or his team’s lack of experience in campaign details. These are Romney’s big hurdle to the finish line.

Santorum on the other hand, does not have the campaign funds his rival is lucky to have. In most campaign rallies, he has always been outspent by his closet opponent, Mitt Romney. His campaign machinery is limited and he relies mostly from unexpected generous donation from supporters. He’s got loads of stories on financial help coming from people from all walks of life. His weakness in political machinery is compensated by his strong ability to stay close to the hearts of the voters. He takes this quality as unmatched by his rivals. He stood his ground especially on issues affecting the ‘everyday Americans’ with his honest principles and vision.

What about Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul? It’s funny that there is a need for their full names to be mentioned lest people throws back with the question, “Gingrich who?” or “Paul who?”. Although both are also in the front line trying their hardest to take a fair share of the electorate pie, these two gentlemen are not as known as Romney or Santorum. Both candidates Gingrich and Paul are out to give the other 2 candidates a run for their money by showing the voters what they individually have, which Romney and Santorum lack.

Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul despite trailing behind in the poll results so far, has been receiving support and backing from numerous coalitions and individuals to keep them in the race with a fighting chance. A fair percentage of the Kansas Republican voters do see some very good qualities and qualifications of these 2 rivals, which the other 2 front runners do not have. Media mileage is definitely a set-back but both candidates make up for it with numerous scheduled speaking engagements throughout the different states in order to have this personal interaction  and stay in close touch with the American people.

Well, unpredictability aptly describes the imminent Kansas caucus. The trends we see now do not necessarily guarantees the expected results after the caucus. But before trooping to the caucus on Saturday, every Kansas voter should set their minds to select a candidate who will truly represent the visions and aspirations and address the pressing needs of the people, first and foremost.

Who will win the Kansas caucus? Let’s try and make a wild guess!

photo by: Average Jane

Kansas Caucus: It’s Anybody’s Game for Republicans!

Written By: JohnPeterson - Mar• 05•12

All eyes are set on Kansas Caucus for the Republican presidential candidate slated on March 10, 2012, where 4 likely contenders are racing to win the Kansas electorate. Winning this caucus will play a big impact at the other primaries on schedule.

For Mitt Romney, although he had shown good results at the polls, many are still unsure if he can make it all the way through. His rise and fall in the past primaries only sums up his unpredictability in terms of voters acceptance.

Kansas Caucus: Its Anybodys Game for Republicans!

Rick Santorum © by Gage Skidmore

How about Rick Santorum? How will he fare in this big caucus? Trailing behind Romney, Santorum is still expected not to give up just as easily. He and Gingrich can swing Romney’s bid for the presidential race, what with their all-out preparations in place for the event.

Gingrich, similarly can pull away the victory from either Romney and Santorum. Kansas Republican voters are playing it cool until the caucus. Hence, no one really knows what are the likely scenarios in terms of trending of these candidates.

Ron Paul, the underdog, is hopeful that the rallies his campaign team organized for him will give him enough attention from the media and the electorate in general to see him as a potentially good candidate for November.

The Republicans are faced with a pretty tough job of deciding who the best candidate is; who will best represent them in the presidential race. They ought to be careful enough to check each and every candidate’s program, political agenda and promises, track record, links and connections, etc. as this could help in their assessment of how each candidate will likely perform if elected President of the United States of America. And a caucus like this, for the Republicans is good, as they are given a say in the outcome of the tedious selection process. The Kansas Republican voters will have a hand in deciding a potential opponent to President Obama.

All of the Republican candidates know that a good lead in delegates is very critical. Candidates either drop out of race if a significant and reasonable lead is taken by a candidate. In this case, either Santorum or Gingrich is likely to take the same action if there is a good indication that Romney is stable in his lead.

With only a few days before the caucus, preparations are already high and the pressure for each candidate is absolutely immense, it’s hard to imagine how the 4 contenders feel. The air is filled with mixed emotions – euphoria, excitement, fear, anticipation and uncertainty. No one would even like to be in their shoes, I guess. I know I wouldn’t!

The day after the caucus results are out will be interesting to see. Would we see a victorious Mitt Romney? Would the news headline be Ron Paul? Would we see Romney walking out of the race with Santorum as the front-runner? Or would Gingrich clinch the win and knock out all three candidates?

Well, your guess is as good as anyone’s! The Kansas political game is yet to start and until then, it’s anybody’s ballgame, truth be told.